I joined my Local Camera Club and  thus was automatically a member of the Surrey Photographic Association. I am currently serving as Vice Chairman for Capel Camera Club.

I was appointed to be an SPA judge in May 2014 after undergoing a series of meetings and a practical day of training. Since being appointed I have judged at many of the clubs that fall under Surrey Photographic Association umbrella.

Being a judge has opened my eyes to s whole new perspective in the Photography world. I find it an honour to be asked to judge any competition. I have a very unique style looking at each photo that is in front of me and try to tell a story from it. This the allows me to judge the image and see if my views could help make an image better or give the photographer something they had not seen. My style is direct as well as looking at the technical sides of the image. I try and ensure that I am as unbiased in any of my decisions, thus making my main passion for wildlife not a factor.

Should you wish to book me to judge a competition or exhibition please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact tab.



Lectures and Talks

I give Illustrated talks and AV presentations. I have appeared at a number of Camera Club events to speak about my life and journey into photography. My talks are different as they go into the biology and geography of the slide that is presented and show a side of Africa that is not often seen or heard as you race around in the 4×4 to get the next big shot. Being on Safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we often forget what our guide has said, I give that back in my talks on Africa.

I also give a detailed Talk on Raw vs JPEG I know that there are millions of tutorials on this subject. I try and simplify this and get to the root of the confusion whether to shoot in one form or another. This will give you the viewer the opportunity to decide yourself or even ask the questions that you are unsure of on the night.

List of Talks:

Africa through my eyes

Hwange National Park

African Wildlife

A Professional Guides View

RAW vs Jpeg

Talks to camera clubs and natural history groups are welcome and easy to arrange, enquiries are welcome.

Lecture fees begin at £150 for venues within a 25-mile radius of my base in Surrey, with travel and subsistence costs extra for distances greater than that.

Photography Product

Photo Books:
Custom Selected images of your choice
Soft Cover, standard portrait with glossy page prints
24 pages £25.00
36 pages £35.00
48 pages £45.00
Mounted Prints:
Custom Selected images of your choice
These Start from £20 each